Welcome to My Big Fat Life

This first began as a column about my weight and trying to make myself healthy.

It has since morphed into a column about life…..because life IS BIG….

What makes it big for me?

I’m a :

Mom of 3


journalism instructor

writer / columnist

connector of people

media trainer

college marketer

town councilor

and volunteer.

My life is HUGE and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 responses to “Welcome to My Big Fat Life

  1. Novalee Nason

    I am a big fan. Keep up the good work!

  2. Vanessa

    Thank you so much for your article on teen suicide. We have struggled with our daughter since the beginning of her puberty years with depression and thoughts of hurting herself. The many trips to the hospital, counselling and regime of anti-depressants…(the keeping it to ourselves and dealing alone). She is now 18 and soon to graduate and was also a friend to Marissa. With this hitting so close to home, it has made us even more aware of what could potentially happen and scared of this happening to our family. We need more information, more research on why this is becoming such an epidemic in our youth. What is triggering this? What can we do and more support, there isn’t enough!

  3. Della

    I read your article on bullying and it makes me sad to think about it to this day, as my daughter Crystal was bullied in grade 10. Unfortunately she ended up refusing to go to school . We ended up transferring her to another school, and it ended up working out, thank heavens!
    I did contact the school when I learned of the bullying and we had a meeting with the principal, where Crystal insisted that she didn’t want to go to school anymore, and definitely didn’t want to have a meeting involving the bullies. The principal told her she would have to deal with things at any school she went to, and insisted that she try to come back and deal with it.
    Unfortunately the next morning, she refused to go to school again. I made arrangements for her to go to Lunenburg school. I still have some guilt thinking as a mom I could have and should have handled it in a different way at the time.
    The few times I’ve seen this girl that was the ring leader in bullying Crystal I feel some anger towards her for the pain she caused Crystal.
    Crystal is now 27, married, lives in Halifax and works full-time, and a part-time stepmom to her husband’s son. I hope she is happy and doesn’t have too many bad thoughts about that time in her life:(
    Bullying is a terrible thing and causes alot of pain. Can this ever get better, I wonder??

  4. Bonnie

    :o) Your Fear Factor column was me to a tee! The first six months being a blur except for the nursing pain, yup, timing naps & showers, living in “quickie clothes” that don’t take time to change into but convince folks we almost look presentable, as compared to maternity or jammies….or ARE they our jammies? *w* But, other then the nightmare of being called from the br while nursing my 3wk old son to see Shania Twains debut on CMT…it was truly a time in my life I would do over in a heartbeat…

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